The month of August already started great for Catfish Killer Fishing Guide Service customers. We are cool and we are comfortable while catfishing in the shade under the FM 1097 mile long bridge. Being out of the hot August sun while filling your ice chest with eating size catfish is a real hoot. Customers always comment about how nice it is under the bridge. We are on a 26 ft. pontoon boat equipped with eight padded, swivel seats and rigged out especially for catfishing. If your legs get a little stiff, you can just get up and walk around to stretch them if you’d like.

We tie the boat off and I put down two different kinds of catfish chum to attract the catfish to the edge of the pontoons. Customers fish straight down into the catfish chum that has attracted the catfish to the boat. We use top notch Diawa 120 reels with good rods to hold the eating size catfish up to 7 lb. blue catfish that come through the area.

I take a few minutes after the chum sinks and before it starts working to show all new customers how we have shown past customers how to load their ice chest up with eating size catfish. I then give everyone a rod and reel and they start catfishing over the side of the boat. It is not long before I hear someone holler “fish on!” I then grab the catfishing net to get the catfish into the boat, break the fins so his sticking days are over, remove the treble hook from his mouth and put him in the customer’s ice chest. Before you know it, everyone on the boat is screaming “fish on” and running this Lake Conroe Catfish Guide’s fanny off netting the fish up! Seeing my customers having a great time and catching lots of eating size catfish to put in their freezer makes me happy.
By the way, Lake Conroe, Texas catfish are absolutely the best that you can get! They do not taste muddy or fishy like catfish from other lakes or other bodies of water. Lake Conroe is a very clean lake without chemicals or other eco harmful matter drained into the lake.
If you want a nice cool place to load your cooler with catfish in 99 degrees weather, come to Lake Conroe and fish with Catfish Killer.

November 2019 Fishing Promotion

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Enjoy Some Great November Fishing With Up To 3 Of Your Friends With Professional Catfish Guide Darrell Taylor.  You Will Be Fishing For Up To 5 Hours, Or Until You Catch Your Limit.  Lake Conroe Is The Premier Texas Catfishing Lake And Is Loaded With Catfish. The Water Is Very Clean Which Makes The Fish Coming Out Of Lake Conroe Some Of The Best Tasting Fish You Can Feed Your Family.  

Catfish Limits On Lake Contoe Is 25 Catfish Per Day Per Fishermen,  So That Means Your Party Of 4 Could Catch Up To 100 Catfish.  That May Seem Like A Lot But Limits Are Very Common For Darrell's Customers. 

This Promotion Also Pertains To Our Bass Fishing Trips.

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