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Texas Catfish
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Texas Catfish
Lake Conroe


Full Day - Half Day Guided Catfishing Trips
Professional Licensed Guide Darrell Taylor
Full Day Rod and Reel Trips $125.00 Per Person (Minimum Two)
Half Day Rod and Reel Trips $85.00 Per Person ( Minimum Two)
Jug Fishing Trips $125.00 per person (Minimum Two) Jug Fishing For Catfish Is a Real Hoot!
Trophy Catfishing Trips $125.00 Per Person (Minimum Two) Catch a monster Catfish On Rod and Reel!
Book Your Trip Today...936-788-4413




Hi. My name is Darrell Taylor of "Catfish Killer Catfish Guide Service" on beautiful Lake Conroe and
maker of "Catfish Killer" catfish bait in Conroe Texas. Lake Conroe is located about 30 miles
north of Houston off of I-45 North.
We fish out of beautiful Seven Coves Marina and Resort located on FM 830 off of I-45, just
N. of Conroe.
Waterfront condo rentals are available for out of town guests.

I have been catfishing on Lake Conroe since 1980 and know Lake Conroe like the back of my hand.
I have caught literally thousands of catfish out of Lake Conroe
over the years as a Lake Conroe fishing guide.
Plenty left too!! "



As seasoned Lake Conroe fishing guides we specialize in catching eating size catfish on
rod and reel. Normally in the 1 to 5 pound range.
Channel and Blue catfish. Just right for the dinner table!


A guided catfish fishing trip with one of our Lake Conroe fishing guides is always exciting
and full of fun and our customers normally go home with loads of eating size catfish!
Take a look at Catfish Killer`s Photo page of guided catfishing trips on
Lake Conroe and you will see what I mean.

If you would like to book a great "Catfish Killer" catfishing trip with us,
then here is how it works:
We go out on Lake Conroe in style on a comfortable 26' covered pontoon boat
rigged for catfishing.



We furnish everything you will need on your Catfish Killer catfishing trip:
All rods and reels, all fishing tackle, and Famous Catfish Killer Cheese Bait.,
And we always welcome children of all ages.


All you will need to bring with you is a lunch and/or snack on full or half day trips
and the beverage of your choice,
a good size ice chest for your catfish and a 20# bag of ice to keep your catfish cool.
If you think you may need sunscreen, rain gear or a jacket for cool
mornings you are welcome to bring that too.
And don`t forget to bring your own camera for the exciting happenings of the day!



You will also need to have a Texas fishing license which is reguired by the State Of Texas,
which should be purchased in advance of your Lake Conroe guided fishing trip
with one of our Lake Conroe fishing guides, at any Academy, Walmart
or other sporting goods store nearest to you.
Under 17 don`t need a license.


To book a trip in advance
we must receive an $85. deposit by check, money order or a credit card
in order to reserve your chosen catfishing date on our calendar.


Our mailing address is:
Darrell Taylor
401 Mill Creek Dr.
Willis, Texas 77378


E-mail us or call me at 936-788-4413.


I guarantee you an enjoyable time!




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Catfish Killer`s Photo page one of guided catfishing trips


Catfish Killer`s Photo page two of guided catfishing trips


Catfish Killer`s Photo page three of guided catfishing trips


Famous Catfish Killer Cheese Bait Products and Prices


Places to buy Famous Catfish Killer Cheese Dip Bait and Products


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Catfishing with Catfish Killer`s Famous Flagging Juglines


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We offer Trophy catfishing trips starting in October and go through May for people
who would like to catch a monster catfish on our heavy duty rods and reels and heavy duty
tackle while drift fishing. We also normally set out 10 or 12 of our famous Catfish Killer
Flagging Juglines sporting 3 hooks each and let them fish for the big ones for us while we
drift fish for the Monster Catfish up to 60 or so pounds!!. We take the catfish off the
juglines about every hour and bait them back up again during your trip.
The price for a Monster Trophy Catfishing trip is $125.00 per person with a 2 person minimum.
My number is 936-788-4413.
Thanks, Catfishkiller

We take bookings for guided fishing trips year round.
Better hurry if you have a certain date you would like to fish!
Gift certificates are available for Christmas, Birthdays and other special occasions.
"See Gift certificate on this page."
Call or email us now!

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